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"We are pleased with the tuck pointing that was done here at Grace Church this summer. The work appears to have been well done by your experienced and courteous staff"

Ester Steen


"Professional, Knowledgeable, Well Organized & Courteous"

Beata Roszak



Water repellents and Elastomeric coatings have as their foremost purpose; the repelling of water from the surface it is applied to and deflecting water away from the building wall or component. Coatings such as Dow-Cornings ALL GUARD, THOROCOAT Systems, PennKote, Sternson, Chemtrete and many others who are well known to BDA Inc. - as we are approved applicators by the manufacturers themselves.


Repellents are generally "clear" and thus are not visible when applied.  The benefit of these are to prevent water from entering through the masonry or concrete surfaces - thus preventing deterioration.


Elastomeric coatings can be used as an effective and relatively inexpensive option to metal or other type of cladding systems.  The benefit is preventing water entry but ALSO the look of improvement to the exterior walls. There are 1,000's of colours available.





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A flood coat of a clear water reppellent is applied after pressure-washing the surface of the wall

An Elastomeric coating (All Guard) is applied to the masonry surfaces after brick replacement & mortar repairs (tuck-pointing) The window sections are being cladded with Granex stone panels and these areas re-caulked.

A failed stucco system is debondng and was the subject of graffitti and missing caulking at the block panels...

The stucco is repaired,blockwork joins are caulked and the entire wall coated with a water based silicone elastomeric (All Guard)

Failed stucco parge coating at side wall of College street storefront

Remedial work was done to the masonry, metalworks and the exposed wall coated with an elastomeric after repairs - rejuvenating the building surfaces

High pressure cleaning to remove loose paint - a standard preparatory action of BDA to ensure proper bond of the new coating (All Guard)

All moving cracks are caulked, masonry repaired or replaced and walls coated

Suspended slabs and stucco wall system deterioration required extensive repairs, prior to a new cement based elastomeric

Another example of old and new surfaces being repaired and coated...

An elastomeric application after remedial masonry repairs (All Guard - Black)

Completed wall repair area...

Concrete repairs have been completed and the surfaces pressure-washed. First coat of elastomeric coating being applied



Storefront prior to repairs...

Concrete is repaired, windows caulked and surfaces pressure-washed and coated with an elastomeric

Fabricated stucco panels being coated at TH Complex

Comparison of two walls with and without elastomeric coatings - at grade level

Metal Roof re-coating using a specialty paint coating designed for this use (metal roof)

Metal window frames and panels being re-coated with specialty metal paint after re-caulking and glazing of all elevations

Supertest Industrial Plaza

Supertest Industrial Plaza

Masonry repairs, new metal works for brick columns and elastomeric coatings application (All Guard) - before

Elastomeric coating being applied, exposed brick and first coat being applied to right

Coating and metalwork being installed

Completed project shot

Bridgeland Office

Bridgeland Office

Concrete repairs and new sealant applications are done prior to elastomeric coatings, section of prepared wall



Exterior wall surfaces caoted with an elastomeric (All Guard) and final elevation of Granex panel installations (left side in photo)

Deteriorated stucco below windows has been removed to allow for new air barrier (blue) and Granex panels. Backup wall repaired and recaulked as needed

Elevations being coated and re-panelled at window areas

Masonry repairs being carried out to section of brick, prior to pressure-wash

Pressure-wash completed and elastomeric coatings being applied (All Guard)

York Mills Condo

York Mills Condo

All Guard being applied to exposed concrete and lower masnry panels

Shear or wing walls and exposed concrete being coated with Elastomeric - All Guard

Masonry & concrete repairs, caulking and metal re-coatings are part of the scope of work at this prestigious Condo on Avenure Road

Caulking, Glazing and specialty metal coatings being carried out by boom

Completed project

Queen Street Seniors Home

Queen Street Seniors Home

Extensive concrete repairs, caulking and an elastomeric coating application was carried out here

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