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"It is refreshing to have a contractor who takes pride in their work on the properties and who is quick to correct any problems brought to their attention"

Robert Stark


"We are extremely pleased with the final result and the congregation had many positive comments to make about the lighter, brighter appearance of the building - it has taken on a total "new look." 

Clinton Russell



Exposed concrete, whether it's in an underground garage or on the exterior of a building - minor cracks or fissures eventually allows water and/or salt to enter the building component. Thus the cycle of deterioration begins.


We have a full range of services to repair underground garage slabs, balconies, ramps, walls, spandrel beams - in fact, any concrete repairs.  Whether a low rise or a high-rise building, office, coop, condominium or commercial property, we can resolve concrete issues.


Our personnel have been well trained and are competent in the use of any access equipment necessary to perform the work.  A hallmark of our projects is our references - in other words, our clients think we're competent too!





What will my concrete repairs cost?

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Removal of the old slab on grade at ramp to underground

New Glycol heating system installed, electrical cables are also available from BDA

New concrete is poured once the new heating system and connections have been tested

Asphalt paving is installed over new aggregate on grade

Concrete is removed as required and prepared, using formwork as necessary

Concrete repairs and the installation of new waterproofing to Queens Plate Cooperative

Oshawa Cooperative

Oshawa Cooperative

Concrete & Masonry repairs/replacement at balcony elevation

Glenburn Condominium

Glenburn Condominium

Concrete repairs and coatings to the rail system were carried out here...



Extensive preparatory work to two elevations at a buildings end wall

Formwork going in place at large concrete repair area (left elevation has been coated with All Guard after repairs and wash-down)

First coat of All Guard being applied after repair areas have been primed

Concrete removal with suspended support beams exposed

Finish coat of Vulkem membrane to suspended slab

Base coat of 2 part membrane system, rails painted with epoxy paint

Completed elevation of balconies and rail system, membraned and painted

Airboss Kitchener

Airboss Kitchener

Concrete removal and formwork being placed at spandrel beams

Pressure-wash after form removal and repairs, preparatory to Elastomeric coatings

Extensive concrete repairs were required, along with form work - shown here

Airboss Kitchener

Airboss Kitchener

Project completion and cleanup of site



Deteriorated wall stucco and graffitti

Completed repairs and elastomeric (All Guard) coating applications

Concrete and masonry repairs and elastomeric coating applications

Slab overlay of structural slab removal

Overhead view of area to be excavated

Suspended structural slab deterioration and being removed for new concrete placement

Slab overlay removed



New mastic asphalt overlay after new Pyrotenex cable (heating) installations

New concrete overlay above heating system (Glycol)



Remedial work in progress at wall areas

Asphalt removal at underground rampway

Asphalt is removed exposing grade lack of aggregates

New aggregate base being installed to proper depth

New aggregates being compacted and graded to existing catch basins

Final grading and compaction

Positive slopes to drains - completed project

Markham Rd Condominium

Markham Rd Condominium

Excavation and preliminary curb formwork above underground garage

New curbs installed and new forms being placed at adjacent landscaping

Completed curb installations, landscaping and asphalt (garage deck waterproofed with Hydrotech waterproofing system

Completed project

Concrete repairs in progress

All Guard Elastomeric and caulking on two elevations (masonry repairs completed)

Shot showing the extent of concrete damage when left unprotected or failed coatings left defered too long



Prepatory concrete repairs (and sealants) before All Guard Elastomeric applications

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