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"On behalf of Kingsway Baptist Church, 1 wish to commend you for the excellent work in respect to the repairs required to our church building, which you recently completed. The work was done in a timely, cooperative and efficient way, for which we are most grateful"

John K Fenton


"The site was kept clean and their employee's were very courteous and finished the job on time with no problems."

Mary M McCallum



Building cleaning can not only improve the appearance of a building but has the importance of ridding harmful, deteriorating agents which can break down the building component surfaces.  A water repellent application after cleaning is highly recommended to prolong the surface patina and to protect the surfaces which have been cleaned - by effectively preventing water entry.


Paint has as its foremost purpose, to protect the surfaces to which they are applied.  The fact that they renew the look of the building is secondary but is important.  


We believe preparation work, prior to the coating application is essential to a long-lasting painting project.  BDA has access to numerous paints, coatings and elastomerics and use only those that have performed very well over the last 25 years of our history.







What would it cost to paint my building?

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